New Alcohol Ink Projects

Hello there! I hope your week is going well. I’ve had a bit of a creative ‘slump’ lately – having trouble figuring out what I want to work on. While I’ve been having fun with my alcohol inks, I’ve also been struggling with them. So today, (actually yesterday, when I created these) I decided to work on something small. Here’s my new alcohol ink projects that I’m working on!


As you know, you can use alcohol inks on pretty much any surface; slick surfaces are best for movement and flow of the inks. So, I pulled out some flat-backed glass  pieces that I’ve had in my stash for ages, and decided to play with them. You may have used these yourself; by attaching a piece of patterned paper to the back, then sealing it with Mod Podge.

New Alcohol Ink Projects

The great thing about these are that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ – use the colours you want, and have fun experimenting!


This is just the first stage of this project. Applying the ink, and then allowing it to ‘cure’ for at least 24 hours. To start, clean your pieces with rubbing alcohol, to remove any traces of oil or other type of residue. This is a very inky project, so I highly recommend that you wear gloves – unless you’re into that ‘yes, I craft with inks’ look for several days!

There are a couple of different ways to apply the inks; I tried out both ways.  For the top 4 round cabochons, drop the inks directly from the bottle, onto the glass. Drop one colour at a time, and then add the next while the first colour is still wet. This gives you smoother blending.

For the 2 flat and bottom 2 round pieces, I used the second method. I actually liked the results with this method better; it provides more control of the ink application. On an alcohol ink applicator (remember, the pad is a felt pad, not the foam ones used for regular inks), add drops of your chosen colours. Next, dab the applicator onto the glass piece, transferring the ink.  The ink does dry quickly, so once the top is dry, remember to do the back side, as well, on all of your pieces.


As I said, you can have loads of fun trying different colour combinations! Personally, I favour the blue & gold ones – but that’s because I’m more of a blue person, than pink. That said, I do like the green & yellow one at the top!

Some of the colour combinations I used are: Currant, Pink Sherbet & Silver; Honeycomb, Meadow & Botanical; Wild Plum, Raspberry and Silver; Stream, Sailboat Blue and Gold.


Tomorrow, once the ink has cured, I will spray these first with a sealant, called Kamar. This is to prevent the ink from running or smearing in the next step.  After that, I will spray them with a UV protector. This is important to keep the colours as they are, without fading. Alcohol inks are not light-fast, meaning that the colours will fade over time, more quickly in direct light. The final step will be to seal them either with a Triple-Thick Glaze, or a resin. This step is to keep the pieces nice & shiny! After that, the bail (the part that is attached to the cabochon to thread the chain through) will be attached with a super-strong glue, called E6000. It’s a special glue for using on non-porous surfaces, for extra strong hold.

If you don’t want to turn them into jewelry, you can instead attach a magnet to the back with the same glue. They’ll make very pretty magnets for holding notes! Whether you make them into pendants or magnets, they would make a lovely gift for someone special – and now is the time of year to work on these gifts!


Have a look around your house, and craft stash. You can decorate glasses, soap dishes, a piece of scrap metal – just about anything you want! Enjoy playing, and see the different results you get on different surfaces. Just remember – alcohol inks are NOT FOOD SAFE! If you’re going to put them on anything that will be in contact with food (or a person’s mouth, like a mug) make sure that the item is properly sealed with a food safe sealant.

New Alcohol Ink Projects

Want to try out something new? Great! I know you’ll have fun. The flat-backed glass cabochons are available at dollar stores, online at Amazon, etc. You can also find the jewelry accessories like bails & chains online, or at the big-box craft supply stores. For the inks, I’ve included links below for online shopping for the colours that I used. Of course, you’ll find loads of different colours available, just by clicking the links and looking around once you’re in the store/s.  Have fun – and if you create some, I’d love to see & hear about it! When I’m finished sealing, etc. these pendants, I’ll be sure to share the finished product with you.

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    1. I love purple too, but for some reason, the blue is ‘speaking’ to me. I’m glad that you like them – if our weather will cooperate (too windy & rainy) I’ll get them sealed soon!

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