New Holiday Ornaments

As every crafter knows, you can’t start too early on holiday crafts! So today I have a set of new holiday ornaments to share with you. You may recall last year I shared some ornaments I had decorated with alcohol ink. You can see them in THIS POST; I haven’t put them in my online shop yet.  Last year I started late, so I didn’t have time to make very many.


These ornaments that I’m sharing today are a bit different. I did a background in alcohol ink, but also painted on some berries and branches.

New Holiday Ornaments


These are white glass ornaments that I bought last year at a craft store. Before starting, I removed the tops, and wiped them clean with alcohol. Next, I used masking fluid to draw on the branches and berries.  Once the masking fluid was dry, I blended on a combination of Monsoon and Cool Peri alcohol ink to the ornaments, creating the background.

Once the background ink was dry, I removed the masking fluid. This left with with clear white ornament, on which to paint. I used a small brush and Gold mixative alcohol ink to paint the branches. I did this with all 4 ornaments, then allowed the ink to dry. Next, I added the red berries, using Red Sitckles. This gives the berries a sparkly, 3D appearance.

Allow the Sitckles overnight to dry – I’ve been impatient in the past, and it’s not worth it! Then, replace the ornament tops, and tie on gold and white ribbon.

New Holiday Ornaments


I’ll be creating more sets of ornaments, painted & unpainted, in alcohol ink. If you’d like a set in a certain colour scheme, let me know! I’m happy to accommodate custom orders. My stock of ornaments is dwindling, so it may take a few weeks before I can replenish, and get your order ready. That’s why we start early, right?! *wink* Plus, these would make a great gift for someone celebrating Christmas in their new home, or their first home.

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