I’m so happy with how this newest coaster set turned out! It’s the perfect set for nature and animal lovers, as it combines the best of both.  They’re actually more pretty in person, because the aurora effect is hard to capture in the photos.


Each coaster measures approximately 3.5″ round, and the set includes the holder.  The base colour is a gorgeous dark blue/black mix, with the aurora effect created by adding mica powder tinted resin and skillfully blending them. Of course, there’s always the ‘free flow’ factor involved – you can’t control absolutely everything that the resin does!

I’ve taken a few photos, each trying to capture the glowing colours of the aurora.

I think this photo above shows off the most colours! I used a combination of green, pink and purple, all ‘typical’ colours seen in the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, as they’re also known.


This Aurora Polar Bear coaster set is, like a lot of my hand made items, is a ‘one of a kind’. And it’s available in my Shop now for  purchase, so CLICK HERE to grab it quickly! (If there is a lot of interest, I may order more of the polar bear vinyl appliques, and make more).

I’ve also added Fergus, the Highland Cow in my Shop HERE, as well as Aslan, the Lion HERE.

All orders are shipped within 2-3 days via Canada Post, unless you’re close enough to come pick up. Thank you for your support!

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