I’m so excited to share that I have 2 new Northern Lights Bears! I started working on them over the weekend, and now have finished the final touches.  I’m really happy with how they came out, but I really don’t think that the photographs do them justice.


These bears are different from my first Aurora Borealis Bear that I did. If you missed that one, you can see it in THIS POST.  These are the same laser wood cut frames, but I did the Northern Lights with a different method. This time, I mixed the mica powder in with the resin, and poured the layers of colour. I started with a bright green, then red, then a dark blue/black mix. Using my tools, I then blended the colours together, and then let the resin cure overnight. The next day, I applied more mica powders – the same colours I used in the resin – applying them with a brush and drawing them upward. This resembles what you see in photos -the light ‘rods’ seemingly being pulled upwards.

New Northern Lights Bears

After adding the mica powders, I then splattered some white gouache paint, for stars. When this was dry, I then added a clear coat of resin over the northern lights and mountains.  I was going to leave the wood natural, but then I decided it was too light. The wood is stained with Latte alcohol ink. I think this adds warmth to the piece.  Here’s another photo, below. It’s hard to not capture the shine from the resin!


For this bear, I painted him in black acrylic paint. The same colours are used for the northern lights, snow and mountains.

New Northern Lights Bears

Did you notice the other difference? This black bear is facing left; the brown bear is facing right! Sometimes the placement of a piece effects which direction you want it facing.

For this black northern lights bear, the final clear coat was done over the entire bear’s body, not just the lights & mountains.  I really like the gloss black effect.

In the photo above, you can see how the mica powders change colours, depending on from which direction you’re looking.


Each bear is laser cut from 1/4″ wood. Measuring 15″ from nose to tail, and 9″ from shoulder to foot, this is an impressive art piece for your collection. Any nature or bear lover would appreciate finding this piece under the Christmas tree.

You can find both of these new Northern Lights Bears in my Shop. Act fast – my first one was sold before I had a chance to list it for sale! I also have another bear in my Shop – he’s called Forest Bear with Northern Lights. He’s 4 layers thick, and is larger at 20″ x 12″ x 1/2″ thick.  Whichever you choose, I’m sure you’ll be happy (or your friend/family member will be happy)!

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