Coasters - Blue, Green & Gold alcohol ink

Welcome to Monday, my friend! I’m very excited to share that I have a new product, in store now! That’s MY store, by the way – you can find it HERE, on my blog site. I had a busy weekend, doing some resin work, and getting these ready for you to order today. I’d like to introduce you to my newest products – functional art coasters!


These are no ‘ordinary’ coasters! Each set of 4 coasters is hand made by me, in alcohol ink.  The base is a 4″ hex-shaped hard-core art panel, with a poured alcohol ink design. After pouring, the ink is dried, sealed with a setting spray, and then a UV protectant. Finally, each coaster is sealed with resin. This particular resin is heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. That means that it’s safe for both cold drinks, as well as hot, without any effect on the resin.

Many resin coasters claim to be heat resistant, but are only up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, not 500.  That makes mine ‘extra’ safe for your hot beverages, or soup cups. The edge of each coaster, in each set, is covered with 18 KT Gold Leafing pen. Each coaster bottom has a cork base.


This first set is classic black & gold, suitable for any home decor colours you may use.

Coasters - Black & Gold alcohol ink

You can see the shine of the resin on the right hand side. It’s hard to photograph the shine, without getting glare! Honestly, the photo doesn’t do the colours in this set justice.


I just love this combination of colours! There’s also some added sparkle in the mix, along with the gold.

Coasters - Blue, Green & Gold Alcohol Ink

Blue & green are the colours of nature, and gold is a metallic, which counts it as a neutral. I think these coasters would fit comfortably in just about any decor.


This set is special, as it has gold heat embossed images on top of the alcohol ink pour.

Again, bring nature indoors with the blue, green & gold combination. This time, the alcohol ink covers the complete background.


A set of coasters makes a great gift for anyone! For housewarming, Christmas, birthdays or weddings, everyone can use a set of coasters. If you want yours in a specific colour combination, please email me at, or click on the ‘Contact Us’ button in the side bar. You can also order set of more than 4; we can discuss the pricing.

There is only 1 set of each of the coaster sets above, so if you want one, CLICK HERE to order now! Because each set is hand made by me, you’ll never find another set exactly like it. If you want a set that has sold out, I can make another set for you – but remember, they won’t be *exactly* like the first ones.

Thanks for checking out my new products that are in store now!

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  1. Wow, Deb. Those are fabulous! Yeah, my coasters did NOT look like that when I tried alcohol inks. haha haha So beautiful, Deb. 💜

    1. I’m glad that you like my finished coasters, Mari! They are so shiny in real life- the pictures just can’t show it. (btw – I’ve thrown out my fair share of projects that didn’t work!) 🙂

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