New Stamparatus Accessories


Great news! To go along with our amazing stamp positioner, the Stamparatus, we have new Stamparatus accessories coming soon! Starting October 1st, you’ll be able to order some new accessories, along with the already available replacement/extra magnets. These handy new Stamparatus accessories will help making your stamping even easier. Buy them individually, or grab the Stamparatus Accessory Pack!


We know that owning a Stamparatus means it was love at first sight and we wanted to give you even more to love about this versatile tool by introducing Stamparatus accessories!

The new accessories are: Small Grid Paper, Stamparatus Plates, and Stamparatus Foam Mats. We will continue to offer Stamparatus magnets.

New Stamparatus Accessories!


Could it be that you haven’t heard about our fabulous stamp positioning tool, the Stamparatus? Come join the revolution and become one happy stamper! Once you have your stamp positioned on the stamping plate, you don’t have to worry about stamping in the wrong place, or having to constantly realign your stamp when creating multiples of one project. Plus, having two plates that you can reposition, plus use both sides of each plate, means that multiple step stamps are a breeze to line up!

Watch this video by Stampin’ Up! that shows off the basics of the Stamparatus.


But wait – there’s more! (don’t you just love those commercials?!)  There’s 3 more videos, showing off the versatility of this amazing tool.


If you don’t already have a Stamparatus, you’re going to want one right away! Or, wait until October 1st, and order it and the new Stamparatus accessories at the same time. You can shop by clicking the product images below, but remember that the new Stamparatus accessories won’t be available until October 1st.

One extra tidbit of info to share – Stampin’ Up! has told us that before the end of this year, they’ll have a Stamparatus Carry Case for us to order!! Woot!! Be sure to put that on your Christmas list!


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