A New Year is Coming

I know, this year hasn’t ended yet – but we all wish it would, right? Seriously, just when we thought we were heading into the clear and being able to visit & possibly travel – Omicron hit. Well, all those plans go on ‘pause’ again. These past 2 years have really tested our patience, hasn’t it? Thank goodness that we have our creative outlets to keep us sane! Speaking of which, the New Year is coming, and with it is a new January Doodlewash Art Challenge.


A New Year is Coming

If you’re not familiar with Doodlewash, they are the creators of the annual World Watercolour Month, which happens mid year. But you don’t have to wait for that to get creative. To help you kick start the juices, each month they have a monthly challenge, with a new word prompt for each day.

Using their word prompts is optional – they idea is to give you a ‘starting point’ so that you can paint, draw or colour something, every day. Not only does the practice  help build skills, but consistency helps build on your skills, and maintain them.  Here are the directions, taken from the Doodlewash page:

Here are the daily prompts for the challenge. You can use these prompts if you like, none at all, or combine them with other prompts for even more inspiration! Join anytime and share when you can! (no matter what you create, make sure it’s whatever inspires you most in the moment, and remember to simply add the tag #doodlewashJanuary2022 when you post on social media so we can all see your lovely art!)


To read the full details, and more, visit the Doodlewash site HERE. Also, be sure to visit them frequently, and sign up for their  newsletter. They have amazing giveaways all year long, from companies like Daniel Smith, Da Vinci, Hahnemuhle,  and more.

And hey – just because the challenge doesn’t start until January 1st, doesn’t mean you can’t get ready for the new year coming, by starting your paintings now!

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