One Fox, Two Different Paintings

Hello again, my crafty friend! Lately I’ve been enjoying doing some painting with my alcohol inks, and diving back into using Brusho for watercolour. Today I’m sharing one fox in two different paintings. One I did with alcohol ink, the other with Brusho. You can easily see the differences – which do you like better?


Here’s a photo of the two paintings, side by side. The fox on the left is painted on Translucent Yupo, in alcohol inks.  On the right, the fox is painted on Arches cold press watercolour paper with Brusho Crystal Colours.

One Fox, Two Different Paintings

Obviously, each medium has different colours, though I tried to keep them as similar as I could. In both paintings, I was trying to keep the paint ‘loose’ – but I’m still working on how to do that!


Let’s take a closer look at the fox in alcohol ink, first. The colours are much darker, with lots of layers.

One Fox, Two Different Paintings

I like the texture I was able to achieve with the fur, for the most part. Of course I see lots that I can improve upon, but that’s okay! We get better by practice, right?  If you’re curious, here are the colours I chose, all are Tim Holtz by Ranger. Sunshine Yellow, Sunset Orange, Rust, Sepia, Sienna, Stonewashed, Cobalt, Pitch Black, Snowcap and Alcohol Ink Blending Solution. The Translucent Yupo is Legion Brand, 6″ x 9″.


Now let’s look at the fox painted with the Brusho Crystals, on watercolour paper. The colours and textures are softer, and not quite as dark.

One Fox, Two Different Paintings

Again, I’m still teaching myself the ‘loose’ technique of painting – I have a long way to go! I do like the colours of the Brusho; I did a little mixing of my own, for some parts. If you’re interested, the Brusho colours are Yellow, Gamboge, Orange, Brilliant Red, Dark Brown, Grey, and Black. The watercolour paper is Arches brand, Cold Press, 140lb/300gsm.


So, what do you think? Aside from colours, do you prefer one over the other, texture-wise? Overall look? I’d love to know what you think! I hope that you’ll leave a comment for me. Let me know if you’ve tried painting with either the Brusho or alcohol inks, or both.

The photo reference is free from Let’s Make Art. I used that, but didn’t follow (or even watch) their video tutorial – I really wanted to go it on my own! If you’d like to try to create the one fox, in two different paintings, I’ve included links to the supplies I use.

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    1. Thank you, Buffy! I know what you mean about the texture with the alcohol ink; that’s one thing I love about creating with it 🙂

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