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Helloooo, Friday! Well my friend, we made it to the end of another week. It’s been a busy one, and I hope that yours has been a good one, as well. I’m excited to let you in on something I’ve been working on!


Pacific Wild's Wild Auction

Pacific Wild is a registered Canadian charity, founded in 2008 by Karen and Ian McAllister. Their Mission, as stated on their website, is this: “Pacific Wild supports innovative research, public education, community outreach and raising conservation awareness to achieve the goal of lasting environmental protections for the lands and waters of the Great Bear Rainforest and throughout the wild Pacific Northwest.” If you haven’t heard of the Great Bear Rainforest – you really must look it up! It covers 6.4 million hectares on British Columbia’s north and central coasts; that’s about equal to the size of Ireland.

Given that Pacific Wild strives for conservation of nature, both flora and fauna, and it’s in my home province, I’m all about supporting them! This brings me to the Wild Auction. Every year, Pacific Wild holds an auction of art produced by artists, with each piece reflecting the importance of nature, and/or some of the specific species found in the Great Bear Rainforest. I’m thrilled to say that they’ve accepted one of my alcohol ink art pieces to be included in their auction!


The Wild Auction takes place online, from November 9th through 12th, 2020. It’s a world-wide auction, and every artist is from somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Each artist has also pledged between 25% – 100% of the proceeds of their art sale to be donated directly to Pacific Wild.

I hope that you’ll follow the Wild Auction HERE online. Art pieces are still being added, as I’m typing this. From November 2nd – 6th, some of the participating artists will be taking over the Instagram account @friendsofpacificwild, sharing their work in progress, finished pieces, and share their messages about conservation. I’m not taking part in that, but I’ll be ‘tuning in’ – I hope  you will, too!


This is the piece I’ve donated for the Wild Auction. When creating it, my thought behind it was that we are all, literally, part of nature. The minerals that make up our bodies can be found in the bodies of the animals, as well as in the Earth itself. Without nature, humans cannot survive.  Without the animals, nature would deteriorate. It’s an all important cycle, that we nurture each other. And to that end, we humans must become better stewards of the Earth, and all life on our planet.

Wild Auction

I also wanted to include the beauty that is British Columbia; the mountains, trees and water.


If you’re able, it would be great if you could support this important fundraising event for Pacific Wild. Your money spent will be put to good use, moving forward conservation of important lands, old growth forests, Boreal Caribou and Wolves, to name just a few.

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I've always liked to create things, but I'm not a great artist, or sculptor, or any type of 'traditional' artist - but I love to create! I love the satisfaction of a completed project. Whether a card, painting or other project - as long as it can create a smile, evoke a feeling, or some type of reaction in the recipient. I hope you will enjoy sharing my creations, and occasional ramblings; I'd enjoy having you create with me! :)

4 thoughts on “Pacific Wild’s Wild Auction

  1. Deb Smart, you are FABULOUS! I am in awe of your art piece. Wow! You blew me away, Deb. YOU. BLEW. ME. AWAY. First of all, my absolute favorite animal is the polar bear. Followed by a close second– Panda 🐼🐼 bears. Second, your talent with alcohol inks is phenomenal! Girl, this will be the star of the show. You rocked it, Deb. 💕💜💝

    1. Thanks so much for your supportive & kind comment, Mari 🙂 I’m hoping that the auction goes really well, for everyone.

    1. Thanks so much, Buffy! I’m glad that you like my idea about the bear & nature. Fingers crossed that the auction is a success for Pacific Wild!

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