Pam's Private Card Class

Pam’s Private Card Class

I had a great weekend – I hope that yours was good as well!  On Saturday, my friend Pam brought 5 of her friends for a private card class.  Of course, you know there  has to be a back-story to this, right?!

Well, a month or so ago, Pam had asked if I would contribute a silent auction item, as her church was fundraising for their youth camp.  Of course I said yes!  I know how much fun the kids have at these camps; my own youngest went once!

So the day after the auction arrives, and I get a text from Pam.  Have you guessed what it said?  Well, Pam was the highest bidder – so she had bought herself a private card class for herself & 5 friends 🙂  I wasn’t sure whether to congratulate her, or offer my sympathies – because of course she had been trying to ‘bump’ up the bidding!

The Class Group

Here is part of the group; some of the ladies have finished their card, others are still working away.

Pam's Private Card Class

Pam's Private Card Class

That’s my friend Pam, the winner of the private card the blue, seated at the end of the table.  Pam attends my classes regularly, so she was great at helping the others if they got stuck.  I have to say, for a group where 4 out of the 6 attendees are brand new to stamping, these ladies did a phenomenal job on their cards!  Not only did they all turn out great, but they were all done within the 2 hours we had scheduled.   We had time afterwards to enjoy the fruit and danishes Pam had brought as a treat, and coffee.

I made sure to take a picture of the whole group, with their cards, when they were done.  So many times I forget to do this, because we’re all too busy having fun, and chatting!

Pam's Private Card Class

All’s Well That Ends Well

The good news is that everyone had a good time, and really liked the cards they created.  And the money that Pam bid on the private card class went to a good cause – the children will appreciate it 🙂   The 3 cards that everyone made used the Balloon Adventures, the Avant Garden and the Floral Phrases stamp sets.  I’ll be back tomorrow with details on the cards, so be sure to come back!


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  1. How kind of you to donate your time and supplies! I hope the guests found joy in stamping and being with friends.

    1. Glad to know you’re looking forward to seeing the cards, Buffy – I’m working on the post now! 🙂

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