Pocket Hugs

Welcome to another new week! I haven’t posted a lot here lately, as I’ve been very busy working on new items. You could almost say, as busy as a Christmas elf! First of all, I’d like to share with you a great little gift or stocking stuffer idea, for someone special in your life.


Share that you care, with a Pocket Hug for someone to keep.

These Pocket Hugs are self explanatory, with the little saying on the card. The heart is simply attached with double-sided adhesive tape, and can be easily removed. That way, the recipient can easily keep the heart tucked in their pocket, purse or backpack.

Pocket Hugs

As you can see, I’ve created a variety of colours, colour combinations, solid colours, translucent and even glitter colours!  This is the saying that is included on the card:

Here’s a little pocket hug

Keep it close, all warm & snug

So even when I can’t be there

Hold this tight, and know I care.

A Pocket Hug is the perfect gift for a family member or friend – perhaps one that you aren’t able to see often. They’re also great for a child or young person who may have some separation anxiety. They’ll be able to keep the Pocket Hug close, and know that you’re thinking of them, as they think of you!

Here’s some more photos, showing more variations of colours & designs.

Pocket Hugs & More

Each heart measures 2″ x 2″, and is created with resin. Some are designed with alcohol inks, some with mica powders, some with glitter, and some with a combination! The best way to order is choose a colour scheme, solid colour or mixed, and translucent or solid shape. Or, leave the choice to me, and it’ll be a lovely surprise when you open the package!


I also spent some time this weekend getting the Page Holders packaged up! You may remember that I shared these cute critter Page Holders in THIS POST. I now have some new colours, and have them attached to a card. The saying “Between The Pages of a Book Is a Great Place to Be” is on the card; thought it was cute, because it refers not only to the Page Holder, but the reader!

In the photo below, you can see some of the new colours, the Page Holders attached to their card, and the one in front in the packaging.

Yes, I’ve been having fun with the glitter in dark red, gold and dark blue! You can find the Page Holders for purchase in my Shop, HERE.

The Paper Hugs will be added today; you’ll find them right after the Page Holders in my Shop!


Thanks so much for your support, when you purchase from my small business! ‘Big Box’ stores like Amazon, Walmart & the like won’t give you a personal ‘thanks’ like I will, and the other small businesses I support, in sourcing my supplies for creating.

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