Product Spotlight - Versamark Ink


Hello stamping friend! Today I thought I’d start a new segment for my blog – product spotlights. Hopefully you’ll find these informative and helpful. My idea is to take a product, or product family, and show off its features and benefits. I’ll also share any ‘demo knowledge’, or tips & tricks that I’ve learned. Today’s product spotlight – Versamark Ink!


On it’s own, Versamark ink creates a tone-on-tone or watermark effect when used on coloured or white cardstock .  It is a clear ink, slightly tacky to the touch.

Product Spotlight - Versamark Ink

Product Spotlight - Versamark Ink

Product Spotlight - Versamark Ink


When stamped onto cardstock, then heat set with the Heat Tool, it can be used in the ’emboss resist’ technique.The emboss resist technique has been around a long time – that’s because it’s fun, easy and a ‘wow’ for new stampers!

First, choose an image stamp. I chose the snowflake image from the upcoming Beautiful Blizzard stamp set. Ink it up with the Versamark ink, then stamp onto a panel of Whisper White cardstock. Cover the stamped image with Clear Embossing Powder. You’ll notice that the embossing powder looks white; that’s perfectly normal.  Next, set it with the Heat Tool. Hold the Heat Tool about 2 – 3 inches above the cardstock, moving it slowly back & forth. This is too prevent the powder from getting too  hot – it is possible to ‘burn’ your embossing powder! If that happens, it will turn brown, and you’ll smell it! As your embossing powder sets, you’ll notice that it turns clear, and shiny. You’ll need to tilt your cardstock, and look at it from different angles, to ensure that all of the embossing powder has been set. Generally, you can tell it it’s not quite set if it doesn’t have that glossy look. You’ll also notice that the images become slightly raised! This adds dimension to your project.

Product Spotlight - Versamark Ink



It only takes a few seconds for the cardstock and embossing powder to cool. While it’s cooling, get your ink pad and Sponge Dauber ready. Choose whichever colour you want to use as your background for your stamped image. I chose to use 2 colours – Mint Macaron and Highland Heather.

Use one colour at a time. Add ink to the dauber, and sponge it onto the cardstock. Start off of the cardstock, moving onto it in swirling circle motions. This will  help stop hard circle marks or harsh lines appearing on your background. Once you’re happy with the first colour, you can add a second. Of course, you can use just one colour for your background! You can also use a Sponge Brayer, or Stampin’ Sponges, for adding your background colour.

Product Spotlight - Versamark Ink

You can see that the embossed snowflake images ‘resist’ picking up the ink colour – they remain the colour of the cardstock, which was white.  They are also slightly raised; it can be difficult to see, but you can feel it very easily.


Stampin’ Up! carries coloured embossing powders, as well as the Clear. They can be used directly on top of your stamping, either with the Versamark ink, or with the same coloured ink pad. All  you do is stamp your image, immediately cover it with the coloured embossing powder, then set it with the Heat Tool. The coloured embossing powders give a more pure colour pigment to your image.

However, you can colour your image even if you don’t have the coloured embossing powder! First, ink your image stamp with the Versamark ink. Next, immediately ink it with the coloured ink pad of your choice. Do this directly after inking with Versamark – do not clean your stamp in between. Now, stamp directly onto your white cardstock. Look – you’ve stamped a coloured image! Now for the magic.

Immediately cover the stamped image with the Clear Embossing  Powder. It makes your image look white, but remember – that’s normal. Now set the powder with the Heat Tool. Magic! You now have a coloured, embossed image!

Product Spotlight - Versamark Ink

Basically, the Versamark is ‘sticky’ enough to hold the embossing powder in place, even though it’s underneath your coloured ink. You can skip using the Versamark, and put the Clear Embossing Powder directly onto your stamped image, but the Classic ink dries very quickly, being water-based, so you may not get as good of an embossed image.

Here’s a photo showing all of the different ways we used Versamark ink today!

Product Spotlight - Versamark Ink


With only the extra Versamark ink, Clear Embossing Powder and a Heat Tool, you can really take your projects from ‘nice’ to ‘wow’! The inks and powders last a long time, and your Heat Tool will last you for years. These are very good investments for your crafting stash. Order them now – click on the product images below. You can also browse my store, and add more items to your cart as needed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Product Spotlight – Versamark ink.


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    1. Hi Brenda! If you were heating your white EP (embossing powder) too long, you’d notice it turning brown – actually burning. Start with the ‘obvious’ – did you grab the wrong container? (guess how I know!) Both Clear & White EP look white, before heated. Or, it’s possible that your White EP is too old – it’s possible for EP to lose it’s ‘magic’ if it’s been sitting too long. Let me know how it works out for you!

    1. Thanks, Buffy! I hope it’s helpful for some – even ‘seasoned’ crafters can forget the ‘beginner’ tricks 🙂

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