Perfect for the beach lover, the Beach Crab II measures 9″ x 11″. Just the right size for any wall!

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Bring the beach inside, with none of the mess!

Perfect for your cottage by the shore, or just for sharing your love of the beach, you’ll love placing this Beach Crab art on your wall.

The overall frame measures 9″ x 11″, with the image insert being 7.5″ x 9.5″

The crab itself is created from laser cut wood, and is covered in layers of tinted resin. The background is a layer of patterned vinyl, covered with layers of resin, real sea shells, and acrylic bubbles. The crab is then attached on top, and more resin & bubbles added.

This Beach Crab II coordinates perfectly with the larger Framed Crab, and Seahorse, also available in my Shop for purchase.

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