Measuring 4″ round and 3/4″ thick, each delightfully designed piece can be used as either a functional coaster, or displayed as mini art pieces!

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These delightful 4″ round mini art pieces can be used as coasters, or displayed as art pieces!

The wood base has been specially carved to create a unique pattern. Next, I decorated each piece with acrylic paint, over which is poured 3 layers of resin, mixed with mica powders and glitter for a beautiful shine and sparkle!

Each piece is 4″ round and approximately 3/4″ thick. The back has a cork layer, if you choose to use it as a coaster. Otherwise, display on a stand, add a wall hanger, or however you choose to display!

The price of $12.00 is for one (1) piece only.  If you’d like to purchase all 4, please contact me directly at thistledesigns@shaw.ca, for special pricing of $40.00

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