This gorgeous hexagon shaped floral block is created using resin, silk and dried flowers, with pretty (paper) butterflies.

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Looking for a stunning statement piece? Look no further than this gorgeous hexagon shaped floral block.  Created using resin, silk and dried flowers, with pretty (paper) butterflies.

The hexagon measures 10.5″ across, and is 2″ deep. It has quite a bit of weight to it, as well!  The resin is cast in layers, allowing  for the flowers and butterflies to appear to be ‘floating’ at different levels.

Whether displayed as art, or used as a book end, this beautiful hexagon floral block will look lovely in your home or office.

What to know about epoxy resin: Pieces completed in resin will have a hard glass-like finish and may be cleaned with a soft cloth and water or gentle cleaner. Because it is applied by hand and takes 24 hours to cure to the touch (72 hours for a hard cure), it is not uncommon for there to be some very slight imperfections in the resin finish. I like to refer to these imperfections as “personality” and they will not disrupt the integrity or beauty of the finished piece. It is common for resined pieces to acquire micro scratches with use. These will not harm the art and just part of the nature of epoxy resin.

NOTE: Due to the weight of this piece, a separate quote will be required regarding the shipping cost.  Full cost, including shipping, will be required prior to shipping.

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