Are you ready for lots of colour?! You’ll get an eyeful when you see my rainbow zebra! I’ve been wanting to try a colourful zebra for a long time, and I finally went for it. I couldn’t decide on a colour palette, so I decided to go with good old ROYGBIV – red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo and violet.


I found a royalty free zebra outline online, and traced it onto my 8″ x 10″ watercolour paper. In some areas where I wanted highlights, I did a wax resist (ears, top of nose, etc. ) Next, I pulled out my rainbow Brusho Crystal Colours.

Rainbow Zebra


I decided to start at the bottom of the neck, working on one stripe at a time. First, wet the stripe area with clear water. Next, pick up the Brusho crystal with a dry brush, and drop them into the wet area. Allow them to spread, using your wet brush to cover the area.

The drips were done after the painting was completely dry, as I didn’t want the colours to mix too much, and create ‘mud’.  I decided to do the head in the Ultramarine, as I didn’t want to get too mixed up with the lines joining, and mixing the colours where I didn’t want them to mix.

The Brusho colours I chose are Brilliant Red, Orange, Lemon, Sea Green, Prussian Blue, Ultramarine and Purple. For the eyes and nose, I mixed Grey with Purple, for a darker colour, but not black. Let the painting dry before adding the drips and splatters.

To extend the hairs in the mane, drop wet paint in the hair, and then blow it out with a straw.  The paint drips in the stripes are done by adding wet paint into the stripe, and holding the paper on an angle, allowing gravity to pull it down. The splatters are added last, by picking up paint with a wet brush, and tapping the brush to achieve the splatters.

This zebra is quite different from the colourful dog that I did HERE. In that painting, the focus was on  using the different colours for their values in dark/light. For the zebra above, I simply followed the rainbow ROYGBIV pattern.


I think I’ll be painting this zebra again, but with a different colour scheme. Will you be painting your own rainbow zebra? Let me know if you do! For supplies to create, you’ll find them listed below. For the wax resist, I simply use a piece of a candle, but you could mask off areas using masking fluid.

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  1. This is so wonderful!! I love everything about it, the zebra, the colors, the drips. Lovely work.

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