Last Day for Holiday Catalogue orders

Please don’t panic after reading the Ready for Christmas title of this post! No, I’m not ready for Christmas, and I’m pretty sure most people aren’t, either!

I am anxiously awaiting my UPS Delivery truck to come today, and bring my Holiday Catalogue pre-order goodies! 🙂  I’m sure  you’ve heard me say it before, but one of the most fun perks of being a demonstrator is getting to pre-order a month before a new catalogue goes ‘live’.  The hardest part about pre-ordering, or ordering any time, is keeping my order within my budget!  Luckily, I have been earning quite a number of Flex Points throughout the year, and so my order included $130 of FREE products!  That mean my spending dollar went a lot further than it would have 🙂

One of the products I ordered is called the Ready for Christmas Bundle.  It’s absolutely adorable, and will be great for use year-round, not just for Christmas.  Here’s the Stampin’ Up! video to introduce you to the bundle, so you know what I’m so excited about.


Well – did you squeal with delight as loudly as I did?! You can see the year-round versatility of this bundle, and how it can be used for many different occasions.


As soon as I saw the Ready for Christmas Bundle, I thought it would be fabulous when used with the At Home with You Bundle, which has the front door scene.

Ready for Christmas

You can hear the whirring of my brain, can’t you?! Hopefully I can figure out how to get what’s in my mind transferred onto cardstock! 🙂  I love it when an idea works out just the way you hope it will.  Otherwise, this has been known to happen:


Ready for Christmas

It’s always distressful when a good idea has trouble working out the way you want! I find that putting it aside – so it can just think about what went wrong! – and going back to it later can help. Sometimes I come away with a completely different project than what I had planned!


When I receive my delivery, I plan on doing my very 1st Facebook Live video of the unboxing!  If you don’t already follow my page, CLICK HERE and then click on the LIKE button.   If you don’t see it live, it will remain on my page so you can watch it later 🙂

Now – I’m off to stalk between the window and the front door!  Happy stamping to you!



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