Slash Portrait Done with Brusho

First, to clear up any possible confusion, Slash is the name of the guitarist in Guns ‘N Roses. Guns ‘N Roses is a music band, mainly performing heavy metal. Slash is also a favourite guitarist of my eldest son, who also plays guitar. So when I saw the tutorial to learn to paint a Slash portrait done in Brusho, in The Fine Art Café Academy, I had to sign up!  I had hoped to have it done in time for my son’s birthday, but I didn’t get my new watercolour paper in time. Plus, it’s the first time I’ve tried doing a portrait, so I think it’s a good idea that this wasn’t his ‘big’ gift!


This tutorial is done by the very talented Nadja Yabrova. You can see her art tutorials on The Fine Art Cafe Academy site, as well as her own site, HERE.  Nadja has an amazing range – from beautiful flowers, birds and scenes to painting Motorhead images on leather jackets!  I enjoyed her tutorial, and just want to state that imperfections in my work do not reflect in any way on Nadja! Just like my paintings, my ability is a work in progress.


First, I used the reference photo to sketch the outline onto a 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of Arches cold press paper. Then, the outline is gone over with a waterproof black pen; I use a Micron pen.  After that, the painting and fun start! Here’s my version of Slash, painted in Brusho Crystal Colours.

Slash Portrait Done with Brusho

The good news is that my son knew immediately who was supposed to be depicted in the painting! So, I must’ve gotten something right. On the other hand, with his trademark top hat and long, curly black hair, Slash is pretty easily identified. On the other hand, my husband, who has no idea who Slash is, said “well, I know it’s a musician playing a guitar”!


This is the reference photo for the painting. You can see that Slash is backlit, and there’s few facial details seen in the photo.

Slash Portrait Done with Brusho

And once again, here’s another look at my painting.

Slash Portrait Done with Brusho

I will be doing this painting again, using what I’ve learned to improve (hopefully). Also, there’s a bonus 2nd Slash tutorial that’s included with this one, so I’ll be doing that one, as well! If you like to watercolour paint, whether with Brusho or regular watercolour paints, I highly recommend checking out The Fine Art Café Academy.

If you’d like to try this cardinal painted with Brusho, or any other subject, I’ve added links for supplies below. Whatever you do – learn, and have fun! Thanks for spending some time with me today. Affiliate links for products are supplied, below. If you choose to use my links, you help support me in maintaining my blog. Thanks in advance!


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3 thoughts on “Slash Portrait Done in Brusho

  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful portrait of Slash. My goodness Debra you are certainly ttaking your creativity and art work to a serious new level. So enjoyable to watch your progress and see your beautiful pictures. I bet your son was thrilled to receive this painting even if it was after his birthday! Awesome!

    1. You’re so kind, Penny! Stamp and inks have started me on a wonderful journey of art; finding & enjoying all kinds of mediums 🙂

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