Sneak Peek Alert

We’ve made it to Wednesday – woohoo!! I hope that you’re having a great week; mine has been pretty busy.  I wanted to give you a sneak peek alert, as I have 2 fun & fabulous things happening this Friday!  First, I’ll be adding a stunning new decorative piece to my Shop and Gallery, and a fun piece of news to share about that.


I just want to give you a peek at the stunning new piece I’ve just completed. I’m waiting until Friday to add it to my Shop, as it will tie in with the other piece of news regarding that. In the meantime – have a peek!

Sneak Peek Alert

This is a fabulous new decorative art piece!  You can display it on a stand, or ideally hang it on your wall.  A beautiful, high end fashion look without being too ‘over-the-top’!  I can’t wait until Friday, to show you the entire piece! Patience is not my strongest suit, I admit to that!


I also have my next 2 decorative pieces planned out – my question to you is which colour should I do first? The white & gold above is classic and will go with any décor.  However, some people like a punch of colour on their walls.  Here’s a look at the next 2 colours I’m planning to use.

Here’s the gorgeous, rich Cobalt blue!

And here is the stunning Emerald green.

I was thinking that, since St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, I would do the emerald green piece, first.  Which do you prefer?  Either colour, or the white and gold?


Be sure to come back on Friday! (tomorrow too, but Friday for the most fun!).  I’ll be posting twice on Friday – in the morning to unveil the stunning new gold & white  decorative art piece, along with a bit of fun news. Then at 2 pm (PST), I’ll be back with the Scrap ‘N Stamp Birthday Bash Blog Hop! You’ll want to come back for that, as we’ll be sharing fun designs all birthday related, as well as a chance for you to win a prize!

Okay – I’m off to get back to work. Have a great day, and have fun creating!

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I've always liked to create things, but I'm not a great artist, or sculptor, or any type of 'traditional' artist - but I love to create! I love the satisfaction of a completed project. Whether a card, painting or other project - as long as it can create a smile, evoke a feeling, or some type of reaction in the recipient. I hope you will enjoy sharing my creations, and occasional ramblings; I'd enjoy having you create with me! :)

5 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Alert!

  1. I I like the green………True, St, Pat’s day and I’m a little Irish (like all of us). But my birthstone is emerald and I just love the color emerald green. Looking forward to the big reveal!

    1. Thanks for your vote for the emerald green, Maggi! I am in truth half Irish, half Scottish, so I vote for the green, too 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. I can’t wait to see your new art piece! I have to go with green. I’m a green girl and that is beautiful material

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