Sorbet Sunset

Welcome back to another look at a new item I’m adding to my Gallery at The Fine Art Café!  Our Spring Fling Show & Sale is happening this Thursday, April 29th. I hope that you can join us, either by visiting the artists Galleries, or join in the Live sessions on YouTube.  During the Live sessions, you’ll be able to meet some of the artists, chat, and have a chance to WIN a GIVEAWAY! I’ll post direct links to these sessions towards the end of this post. Right now, I want to show you two resin ‘paintings’ I did, that I’m calling Sorbet Sunset.


The soft pastel colours remind me of sorbet (which I love), which is why I’m calling these two pieces Sorbet Sunset 1 and 2.

Sorbet Sunset

Here is Sorbet Sunset 1 – do you agree with the name? I’ve stayed with my beach theme, this time  using real sand for the beach, and adding medium and small seashells. The colours are achieved by adding pigments and alcohol ink to the resin, and then pouring it onto the 8″ round canvas panel. Creating the waves is done using a heavy white pigment paste mixed with resin.  And don’t worry about the sand – it won’t come off & mess up your house! It’s mixed with resin, as well.


There’s very little difference between #1 and #2, but with resin being a fluid medium, it’s pretty much impossible to make 2 pieces ‘identical’ without a mold!

Sorbet Sunset

Most of the difference is just in the waves; their placement, and how far they go. Otherwise, all of the same colours are used in both pieces. I actually worked on them side by side, at the same time!  You can do as I did and display these on a small stand. Or, you can add a small hanger to the back, to put on your wall.


At the Fine Art Café, each participating artist has their own Gallery for you to browse. You can find mine HERE.  In it you’ll find the newest pieces I’ve shared this week, as well as many other pieces of decorative and functional art, as well as some jewelry. You can also choose to browse the entire Café by art medium (watercolour, resin, jewelry, etc.) .


On April 29th, there will be 2 different live sessions, taking place on YouTube. The first session will start at 2 pm EST (12 pm PST) HERE.  The 2nd session starts at 7:30 pm EST (4:30 pm PST) HERE.  Each session will have Giveaways from artists, so feel free to join in BOTH sessions! If you click on those links now, you can set reminders for yourself, so that you don’t miss out.  I hope to see you there! I’ll be participating live in the 1st session, but if I can, I’ll be joining in to watch the 2nd session.

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2 thoughts on “Sorbet Sunset

  1. Deb, these are absolutely stunning. They remind me of the tide receding to reveal shells on the beach. You are amazing!

    1. Thanks so much, Jackie! Pastel colours aren’t my ‘usual’, so I’m glad to hear that you like these 🙂

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