Happy Birthday, My Friend

Happy Friday, my friend! A few days ago I posted a birthday card, on which I had used some new Spectrum Noir Tri Blend markers. I had  promised to share some info on them. Well, this is that post! These markers are new in stock in one of my favourite stores, Scrap ‘N Stamp here in Canada. They are widely available online, though.


This is the card that I used the markers on, for colouring the flowers.

Happy Birthday, My Friend!

This card was for a good friend, so I only have to one picture of it.


I had never used these Tri Blend markers before, so I only ordered 3 of them, to test them out. The markers I have are the Light Green Blend, Bright Pink Blend, and Citrus Blend. These markers are very long, as each one has 3 ink reserves and 3 tips. Each marker consists of three shades, so you essentially have 3 markers in one! Plus, they’re are each clearly labeled, so you don’t have to guess which tone you’re using. Also, by the colour code on the marker, you know which colour you have, if you’re adding to your collection.

Spectrum Noir Tri Blend Markers

You can see in the photo above, I removed the caps from each end, and opened the marker in the middle, so you can see all 3 tips in each marker. Each marker has a Light, Mid and Dark tip. The colours are all coordinated with the Spectrum Noir family of colours, so you can coordinate these markers with any other Spectrum Noir markers you are using. For instance, I can seamlessly use these Tri Blend Markers with my Spectrum Noir Illustrator markers.

You’ll notice that each marker tip is the ‘bullet nib’ type, which is great for smaller areas and details. I admit that I’m used to using a larger brush tip, such as on the Illustrator markers, or the Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens, for larger areas. So blending larger areas with this bullet nib is something I’ll have to get used to. But the colours do blend well!


I did some large colour samples, blending the Light, Mid and Dark of each colour, so you can see for yourself.

Spectrum Noir Tri Blend Markers

I did these blends very quickly, without going back over the areas where the light/mid/dark meet, so that you can see the difference. The biggest difference you can see is in the green, where the colour goes from LG3 to LG5.  However, by going back over the join area with the Mid tone, or with the colourless Blend marker, the blending works very well.


Remember – everyone has different opinions, and they’re all personal opinions, just like this one! Personally, I like the colour range available in these Spectrum Noir Tri Blend Markers – there’s 24 colours, with 3 shades in each one. And retailing at $8 Canadian dollars, at Scrap ‘N Stamp, or around $5 at U.S. retailers,  they’re an excellent purchase for the price! I think they’re a good option from the more expensive Copic markers.  Great for colouring without the guesswork of picking shades. They’re also great option for a travel set of markers to take your colouring on-the-go!

If you’d like to read more about the Spectrum Noir Illustrator markers, check out THIS POST I did a couple of weeks ago. That post also has lots of great links for colour charts, and free downloads for colouring practice pages!

Right now, one of my affiliates Maple Syrup Designs, is offering a Buy One, Get One 50% OFF sale on these markers! They are all individual, so you get to choose the colours you want! Just click their name above, and you’ll be taken directly to page 1 for these markers. The affiliate links I’ve included below are for only a few colours; just click on those, and you’ll be able to click further on the links to see all of the colours available, from each affiliate store.

Compensated affiliate links are provided where available, at no cost to you. Your purchase through these links provides me with a small percentage, which helps keep my blog going,  to share with you! Thank you in advance!

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