Stamparatus Makes It Easy!


Have you ever need to stamp multiples of one card, and dreaded it? How do you get them all lined up so they look the same? What about punched areas, or die cuts?

Never fear – the Stamparatus is here! Ok, for some of us it’s been here a while – if you were lucky to get in on the pre-order. For everyone else, you can now order your own Stamparatus from the new Annual Catalogue.


The Stamparatus is super easy to use! I was a bit worried; 2 plates, that move? How do I line up the stamps? Will I break it? *ACK!* A technophobe nightmare, I thought! Boy – was I wrong. Have a look at this quick video from Stampin’ Up! on how easy the Stamparatus is to use.

There are 3 other Stamparatus videos by Stampin’ Up! – just look to the right side bar on Youtube, and click on each one. #2 is ‘Aligning with Red Rubber Stamps‘; #3 is ‘Creating Patterns with the Hinge Step’ and #4 is ‘Stamping on Pre Cut Die Pieces’.


I’d like to share with you a trick I learned – stamping on pre punched pieces! It’s the same ideas as stamping on the pre cut die pieces; first, punch your pieces from your cardstock. In my sample, I used the Tailored Tag Punch with Whisper White cardstock. Next, place your punched cardstock onto the Stamparatus base. If using a photopolymer stamp set, place the foam mat under the cardstock, for correct height for the stamp.

Stamparatus Makes It Easy!

Use just 1 of the super-strong bar magnets to hold your cardstock in place.


Now, insert one of your punched pieces into one of the empty punched spots.

STamparatus Makes It Easy!


Now, place your stamp in place, on top of the punched cardstock piece.

Then, close one of the hinged platforms down on top of the stamp. Press firmly with your fingers, and the stamp will attach to the platform.

Stamparatus Makes It Easy!


Open up the stamping platform, and ink up your stamp. I used the Accented Blossoms stamp set in red rubber (clear mount). After inking up, press the stamp platform closed down firmly on top of the cardstock. Voila! You have a perfectly inked, punched piece! If you did make a mistake, such as not getting enough ink coverage, it would be simple to fix. You would just re-ink your stamp, and press the platform closed again on the cardstock, all without moving the cardstock until you were happy with the finished image.

Now that you’ve completed your first punched piece, simply replace the stamped piece with an unstamped piece, and keep going, quickly & cleanly, until you’re finished! No need to reposition or line up your stamp or paper in between stamping!

Stamparatus MAkes It Easy!

This is how I created the cards that I share in Monday’s blog post – SEE IT HERE.


Here is one of the completed cards, close up.

Stamparatus Makes It Easy!

I also used the Stamparatus to quickly stamp the dozens of Note Cards that I made, as well. The colouring, of course, took longer! 🙂


I do hope you’ll take a half hour, and watch all 4 Stampin’ Up! Stamparatus videos. There are so many uses for this tool; I know it’s going to be well-used at my craft table! You can use any ink to stamp with, and you can use photopolymer and clear mount stamps. You can even colour on your stamps with our Stampin’ Write Markers before stamping with the Stamparatus, just like you would when stamping without it. Making multiple cards, and lining up multi-step stamps just became quicker, and easier, with the Stamparatus.


The Stamparatus is now available for everyone to order! No more special pre-orders, or waiting for stock! Click on the product images below to order from my online store. It’s open 24/7, so no need to wait until I’m awake to shop! 🙂



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    1. Thanks, Susan! I’m so happy to be using my Stamparatus. To think I was nervous about using it – when it’s so easy!

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