Start the Car

I’m not a big fan of commercials (as in, ads on tv), but one of my favourites is from Ikea. The lady is so amazed at how little she paid, that she feels like she’s getting away with something. You see here doing a quick walk to where her husband is waiting, and she’s yelling ‘Start the car! Start the car!’ Like they need to get away quickly, before someone notices what a great ‘steal’ they got! Anyway – that’s my long winded way of saying that I’ve got a great deal to share with you!


Joggles now has the newest release by Tim Holtz of his Sizzix Christmas dies! There are so many awesome choices – and as always, Joggles has an automatic 15% discount already applied! Take a look at the new dies, below.

Start the Car

As with everything Tim, these are going to sell like hot-cakes, so CLICK HERE to grab yours, now!

If Joggles runs out of stock, or if you’re in Canada, you can also find them at Scrap ‘N Stamp, HERE (no discount). also has these dies – marked at 10% off – HERE.


Bright Swan has just added Tumbler Wraps to their store! They have added 300 designs, with more coming. Plus, the usual Friday only deal has been extended. If you’re reading this post before Noon EST, you can grab them at a discount –   all patterned vinyl’s, tumbler wraps and decals at 25% OFF! Use code: FRIYAY at the checkout to save. 

However, if you’re reading this after noon EST, you can still save 15% by using my Coupon Code THISTLEDESIGNS at checkout! And my Code applies to your entire order!

Now here’s the thing – I don’t make tumblers. But I DO use the patterned vinyl and decals from Bright Swan in my other art projects! You’re only limited by your imagination, so don’t think that since you don’t make tumblers, you can’t shop at Bright Swan. You’ll also find poly mailer bags (including Christmas designs), business thank you cards & stickers, apparel, decals and sublimation blanks. Have fun checking it out!


Okay, this isn’t a special deal, but it IS special! Studio Katia has new Shaker Pockets! I always love things that make my life easier, and that includes creating. Check ’em out!

They’re in 3 popular sizes – standard A2 card, Mini Slimline, and Slimline. These pockets create edge-to-edge front shaker panels. The instructions are super easy to follow, too. Here they are:

To use: start with your card base panel cut it to size. Remove protective film from the front of each sheet, add your favorite strong adhesive tape to all four sides. Wrap around the panel (resize the panel if needed) and secure three sides to your card panel., creating a shaker pocket. Fill it with your favorite Studio Katia embellishments and seal the last tab. Adhere the panel on to your card base and voila the edge-to-edge shaker card is complete.

Of course, you’ll want some gorgeous filler for your shaker pockets – and Studio Katia has that covered, as well! To shop the Shaker Pockets & the latest in fillers, CLICK HERE. Of course, be sure to browse the rest of the store, before checking out.


The best part of these awesome deals & new products, is that you don’t even  have to start the car! Shop online quickly & easily, and then wait for the goodies to arrive! Have fun, my friend.

Thanks for using my affiliate links. When you shop using my links, the supplier thanks me for sharing the love, by giving me a small percentage of your purchase total – at no cost to you!

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