Stunning Sunset Coasters

A few days ago, I shared how happy I was with my Aurora Polar Bear coaster set. If you missed it, you can find them HERE in my Shop. Well, I was happy with them, but I am ecstatic with these stunning sunset coasters! When I’m pouring resin, I always have an expectation of how it will turn out, of course. However, I also have to take into account that resin is fluid, and it does flow & change a bit, as it cures. So when these turned out as well as I’d hoped, I did a happy dance!


I was so happy with how they looked when I poured them, I had to take a picture. You know, just in case they didn’t stay as gorgeous! Here’s what they looked like.

The blue background is my huge silicone mat that I work on. Just look at the colours in those coasters! I layered green (for the ground), then yellow, orange, red and purple for the sunset. After this layer cured, I then applied the howling wolf decal, and added a layer of clear resin on top.


And this is how they turned out!

Stunning Sunset Coasters

Do you agree that these warranted a happy dance?! These make me want to make everything sunset! LOL.

This photo below shows them ‘in use’ (not really, just staged for the photo) with the dark green coaster holder that is included with the set.

Those beautiful colours are even reflecting onto the white mug!

What do you think – should I try a coordinating sunset tray, to go with the coaster set? I’m thinking about it!


I’ll be adding this stunning Sunset Coaster set to my Shop this weekend. That means you can take advantage of my For the Love of Art Sale, and grab them at 25% OFF! This set would make a fabulous addition to any décor, as well as a great gift for any colour & nature lover.

Thanks for visiting with me today – I hope that you’re as excited about this new coaster set as I am. Be sure to visit my Shop!

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