Sunflower in Alcohol Ink

I’m always looking for new techniques and inspiration, in all kinds of mediums. Ink, paint, alcohol ink – even in mediums that I haven’t yet tried! You never know what you might see that will set off a spark in your creative mind. A Facebook Groups called Alcohol Ink Art Community One is one of my favourite inspirations for alcohol ink. It’s an extension of the Alcohol Ink Art Community website, where you can join the free ‘community’, or the paid ‘society’. Each one has access to different information, videos and tutorials, including pricing. If you are a paid society member, then you have access to exclusive video tutorials, and/or price discounts. Anyway, I recently found this gorgeous sunflower in alcohol ink, created by an artist who goes by Vivo Vintage Designs.


The photo that she shared was beautiful, and she even shared a how-to video! You can see it below, here. It’s quite long, as it is really step-by-step.

She a very creative artist; I’ve subscribed to her YouTube channel for more inspiration!  Below, here is my version of the sunflower done on alcohol ink, on Yupo.

Sunflower in Alcohol Ink

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!


I won’t go into the step-by-step details, as you can watch the video above. But basically, you start with a piece of white medium Yupo. First, create the center of the sunflower in the bottom corner on the diagonal. The colours used are Teakwood, Sepia and Latte, with Alcohol Ink Blending Solution. Use a small brush to blend the colours, and create some texture. Next, create the colours for the petal with Sunshine Yellow and Valencia, with Blending Solution, blown out with any type of air tool (airbrush, straw, or air blower).

The next step is to use a black Sharpie or Micron pen and draw the petals, using the shapes created by the blown out ink as a guide. That’s the part I need a little more ‘finesse’ doing!  Then, you’ll draw in the details on the petals, and use the black marker to black out the areas behind and between the drawn petals. Finally add the detail in the sunflower center using the Alcohol Ink Blending Pen.

Sunflower in Alcohol Ink

I think that the texture for the sunflower center is really cool looking! It helps give the appearance of the seeds below the surface, plus gives shape. By using more of the Valencia, my sunflower has more of an ‘autumn’ look. To can change the look, and make it brighter, use more of the Sunshine Yellow.


I hope you’ll check out the video by Vivo Vintage Designs; even if you fast-forward through some parts, you’ll see the fun & easy way that the texture is created. And be sure to come back here tomorrow – I have a great project that goes perfectly with this sunflower piece!

Sunflower in Alcohol Ink

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  1. Oh man, this is stunning (do NOT make me buy more stuff). I love the vibrancy of this and your colors. wonderful!

    1. That’s one thing I love about alcohol inks, Jackie – the vibrancy of the colours! C’mon…try them out – you’ll like them! 😉 I’m glad that you like my sunflower

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