Sunflower Sketch in Watercolour

I am so excited! I just learned that my name was randomly chosen as one of the winner of the Sunflower Sketch online class by Sandy Sandy! (no, that’s not a typo – it is ‘Sandy’ twice).  I entered her Instagram contest a few weeks ago, and she just announced the winners. You can do the sunflower sketch in watercolour, but she also offers the lesson for alcohol inks! Both in one class – that’s what I call a super bonus! Especially since I love playing with alcohol inks.


Here is a snip I took from the course, of what Sandy’s finished painting looks like.

Sunflower Sketch in Watercolour

Isn’t that just gorgeous?! Like, jaw-dropping! I’ll be thrilled if mine turns out even half as pretty.


Sandy has broken everything down into ‘bite-sized’ chunks of information. I don’t feel overwhelmed at all. Okay, I’ve only just started, but still.  There are PDF’s to print out, of reference material, including the sketch. She has also broken up the tutorials into short videos, on each segment.  How to sketch, using a grid to sketch, outlining, preparing your palette, background, main colours and then touch ups. I think this is going to be totally manageable, even for me!

I’m sure if I spent a lot of time, I could do the sketch myself. However, I like being quick, and I have graphite paper – so I traced it onto my Arches coldpress 140 lb. paper.

Sketched Sunflower in Watercolour

This is what the lightly traced outline looks like. The next step is to go over the outline with a fine  point Micron pen. But keep it sketchy! That’s sketchy, not shifty *wink*

Sunflower Sketch in Watercolour

You can see that I’ve taped my watercolour paper to a piece of cardboard. Propped in front of it is Sandy’s sketch, in grid format.


Now, if I didn’t have to stop and make dinner for my family (seriously – every night!) – I would prepare my palette, and start painting! However, I’ll have to leave that until tomorrow.  Since I already have a post ready for tomorrow (Friday), you’ll  have to wait  until Monday to see my finished painting!


There are lots of fabulous courses on Sandy’s website – please go check them out at Love. Learn. Create.  From fundamentals to next level projects, you’ll find loads of inspiration and awesome projects.  No, I’m not being paid to promote her site – I just love sharing when I’ve found an awesome resource and fun teacher!

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