Taking a Day Off

Happy Friday, my friend! I’m letting you know that I’m taking a day off for myself today. I’m so excited – I’m actually going OUT, to an EVENT!  It’s the first one I’ve been to in over a year, and honestly I was afraid it would be cancelled.


A couple of friends and I are going to see the Imagine Van Gogh Exhibit, here in Vancouver. We’ve had our tickets for several months, as soon as they went on sale. And YES, we’re super excited!! All 3 of us have had our 1st vaccination shots, we’ll be wearing our masks, and the whole event is set up for social distancing. Admission is by ticket only, and timed entrance. So attendees are all distanced by what time they enter, so that groups are kept small, and kept moving through the exhibit.

Taking a Day Off


This isn’t any regular art exhibit! Images of Van Gogh’s original works are projected onto special canvases or walls, with accompanying classical music. The viewers get to walk through and be immersed in the images, rather than just looking at a static painting.

If we’re lucky, we may even find an open patio to enjoy a late lunch or beverage, afterwards! Indoor dining is closed right now here, but luckily the weather has been fabulous this week.

I’ll definitely be taking pictures at the exhibit, so I’ll share with you next week! Be sure to come back on Monday. In the meantime – have a great weekend.

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    1. Thanks, Buffy! It was a great day – and I’ll be sharing photos in Monday’s post 🙂

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