Textured Tree Baubles

Had this year been ‘usual’, I would have been taking my projects to one or two holiday fairs to sell. But we all know, this year has been anything but ‘usual’. In fact, where I live has just been placed into a 2 week lockdown, because of a spike in COVID cases.  So, I’m putting lots of items into my online SHOP!  Today I’m adding these fabulous textured tree baubles.


What do you call them? Baubles, ornaments, decorations? Because these are round, I’m calling them baubles. But in general, I refer to all of the decorations that go onto my tree as ‘ornaments’.

Textured Tree Baubles

Look at all that texture! I just love it. Although the same inks & technique were used on each one, no two are exactly the same.


This set of 4 baubles are made from a solid form clear plastic, that looks amazingly like glass.  So if you have little ones, or curious pets who like to climb your tree, these should stand up well.  The texture is achieved by the technique I used to apply the ink to the outside of the baubles.  The alcohol ink colours are silver, blue and dark pink – which combined in areas to make this gorgeous purple/blue.  Because the ornaments themselves are clear, and the ink makes them translucent, the light will shine through the inks, for a beautiful effect.

I put them onto this mini Christmas tree to show off how they look.  They will be sold with silver cording for hanging, and a sheer white ribbon knotted on top. You can remove the ribbon, if you prefer.

Textured Tree Baubles

The photo above shoes them ‘dressed up’ with the cording and ribbon.


This set of 4 textures tree baubles are one-of-a-kind, and in my shop now. So if you like them, be sure to snap them up quickly, before they’re gone! CLICK HERE to shop now.  If you like this colour combination, and want more (or miss out on this first set), I can make more, but can’t guarantee that they’ll be exactly like these ones – but they’ll be close.  I can also do custom orders for specific colours – just email me at thistledesigns@shaw.ca  These also make great gifts!

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  1. Hola, Deb! Wow, these are so gorgeous! Of course, I love the color! I have always called all of them ornaments. 💜 I hope you are having a great week. Our weather turned cloudy and cool today, but we’ll be in the mid -80’s by tomorrow again and until next week. 🐻🐼 Can you believe that the holidays are here already? Crazy! On the upside, news of a covid vaccine is HOPE. Yay! 🎉🎉🎉 Have a good evening, Deb. Beautiful ornaments!

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