The Amazing Seahorse

I’ve always been a lover of horses. So when I found out as a child that there was such a thing as a seahorse – well, it was only natural that I loved them too! Or maybe not – maybe I’m just weird! Anyway, recently I’ve done a couple of seahorse paintings, which you can see HERE and HERE.  When I was browsing some resin supply sites recently, I found one that has wood cut out shapes of different sea animals! You know where this is going, right? Yes! I took the amazing seahorse, covered it in coloured resin, and created a new wall  art piece!


Fun fact about seahorses; they can change their colour! Like a chameleon! I had no idea.  I also didn’t know that seahorses mate for life. Yet, once those babies are born (the male carries the eggs), they’re on their own! Less than 1 in a thousand babies will survive to become an adult, due to predators. Life in the sea is harsh, my friend! I found these facts on The Seahorse Trust site. There is tons more information, so have a look if you’re curious.

A not so fun fact is that millions of seahorses die every year from the biggest threat – mankind.  There’s 3 basic trades; the Chinese medicinal trade, the curio trade, and the pet trade.  Did you know that when seahorses are harvested for the first 2 trades, they’re left to die in the boiling sun, along with star fish and other shells?   And most seahorses sold for ‘pet trade’ don’t live longer than six weeks. So let’s keep the amazing seahorses where they belong, in the sea, okay? Trust me – no seahorses were harmed in the making of my resin seahorse!


This seahorse shape is laser cut from 1/8″ MDF (medium density fibreboard)  and measures 12″ long, and 4″ at it’s widest point. I decided to decorate it with ‘sea’ colours, adding turquoise, deep blue and white mica to the resin for colour.

The Amazing Seahorse

Isn’t it beautiful! The shine in real life is amazing! I took some close-up photos, so that you can see the sparkle in the deep blue mica.

The Amazing Seahorse

The turquoise – called ‘Mermaid’, also has some sparkle in it, as well.  In the phot below, you can see how the white mixed with the resin creates cells and waves, to mimic waves in the water.


I’m loving this sea life theme, and have ordered more shapes! Right now I’m working on an Orca (killer whale). I’ve ordered a dolphin, a set of turtles, and a whale tale (fluke).  Because they’re being shipped from the U.S. I’m not sure when they’ll arrive. But you can be that I’ll let you know!

Are you interested in some sea life shapes for yourself? Do  you like the sea/wave theme décor idea, or would you prefer colours – like green turtles, for example?  I’d love to hear what you like – please leave a comment, or shoot me an email! Just click the ‘Contact Us’ button on the sidebar.

In the meantime, I’ll be adding this amazing seahorse to my Shop and Gallery today! You can use it as a table top decor piece, or attach an adhesive hanger to the back, for hanging it on your wall (that’s what I would do). Here’s another look, just because it’s so darn pretty!

The Amazing Seahorse

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    1. Thanks so much, Jackie! I’m glad that you like this seahorse. I’m excitedly waiting for more shapes that I ordered (turtles, whale tail) 🙂

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