Hello, my friend! Yes, I’ve been missing for about a week. Not actually missing, but busy working. And waiting for a resin restock. But now I’m back, and – they’re baaack! “THEY” being a restock of the Just Ducky Bubble Baths! When I posted the last one a couple of weeks ago, it sold within an hour of posting, and then of course came the requests for more. Of course, I’m always happy when my creations are loved, so I got to work!


I’ve got 4 ready and listed in my Shop, now. Given how quickly the last one sold, I wanted to make sure that I had some stock on hand. But don’t wait! CLICK HERE to head to my Shop – then you can jump to Page 5 in my Shop, and choose which Just Ducky Bubble Bath you want as your own!

Here’s a quick peek at each of the 4 available. You’ll see that 3 are basically the same – as close to ‘the same’ as anything hand made can be! Then you’ll notice that the bath tub of the 4th one has legs. That’s the biggest difference. However, we all have personal preferences, so that’s why you get to choose which one you want.

Below is #1 – there are more different angle photos of each piece, when you view them in my Shop.

They're Baaack!

Here is #2.

And #3.

And finally, #4.


As you can see, each is ‘basically’ the same, with slight differences in the placement of bubbles and ducks. I try to create little ‘personalities’ for each piece that I create. Not seen in each of the photos (but you can see in the Shop photos) is more bubbles on the back of the tub, and another duck on the ‘floor’.

CLICK HERE to head to my Shop, and be sure to browse around, while you’re there! Hint – these would make a great gift for Mother’s Day, or for someone who is moving into a new home – or just for fun!

JUST A NOTE – Due to the weight, size and shape of these pieces, shipping is not the cheapest. Unfortunately, this is outside of my control – the price is based on Canada Post rates. However, if you live local to me (I’m in Burnaby, B.C.) you can choose to come and pick up your piece, and I will refund you the shipping cost. Or, email me at thistledesigns@shaw.ca, and I will invoice you without the shipping cost included.  Thank you for understanding!

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