Let me just say, that this is not what I intended. When I set out to paint today, my idea was to do a line and wash. That is, to do a loose sketch in ink, and then add watercolour paint. This line & wash style is very loose, imprecise, and looks amazing. Unfortunately, it was just not meant to be!


To start with, I fell in love with this royalty free image of a peacock drawing.

This Is Not What I Intended

Now, I still could have used it for a line & wash painting – except that added every detail that you see in the original image! That’s way too detailed for a line and wash. Then, instead of just painting in SOME of the details areas, I, of course, painted the ENTIRE THING.

Yes, I added the branch. Then I tried to add some looseness by adding some colour wash outside of the outlines. I did stick with the image drawing in ink, though! And I did use my Brusho Crystal Colours to paint!


I think my problem is that I just loved the drawing, and the colours. Bright jewel tones are always my favourite, and peacocks simply *glow* with jewel tone colours!  I added and extra touch of ‘bling’ by adding Gold SprinkleIT Brusho in the tail feathers. The other Brusho colours I chose are Ost. Blue, Sea Green, Emerald Green, Ultramarine, Grey, Sandstone and Dark Brown.

Here’s another, close up look.

Oh – I just noticed that I forgot to do the eye detail! Well, I’ll have to fix that.  After painting, I added some splatters in the blues and greens.  Well, I was trying to keep my painting style loose, even though it didn’t result in what I originally intended.

I hope you like seeing my line and wash *fail*! Have you finished a project, and then said to yourself that it was not what you intended?

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