Throwback Thursday Eclipse Technique

When I did a ‘throwback Thursday’ post last week, I was really surprised at how well it was received! So, I thought I’d do it again this week, featuring a technique that I like to do. Welcome to today’s throwback Thursday Eclipse technique post! I hope you’ll enjoy it.


I’m not sure how this technique got it’s name, but there ya go! A little mystery never hurt anyone. Basically, what you’re doing is creating your card front layer of cardstock and patterned paper or other decorative front. Next, you’ll die cut letters or images from the card front. After you attach your card front to your card base, you add the die cuts back in, popping them up a few layers, so that they are raised above the flat card front. Clear as mud? Here’s a sample I did waaaay back in 2017 – probably when this technique trend started.

Throwback Thursday Eclipse Technique

For this card, I glued music patterned paper to a red cardstock panel. Next, I stamped the holly & berries images across the paper. After that, I die cut the letters for ‘joy’, and then added them back in with foam tape or squares. You can read the original post on this card HERE.

Another way to put the die cuts back into the panel is to die cut at least 3 more of each letter, and glue them to the back of the die cuts, before inserting them back into the cut areas. Last year, when I was making the card pictured below, I figured out an even easier way!

Throwback Thursday Eclipse Technique

This was around the time I started using sheets of fun foam to layer my card fronts onto the card bases. So I thought – why not use the dies, and cut each letter from the fun foam?! Voila! Easy, peasy, and you only have to cut 1 layer, instead of several. Plus, they fit the die cut layer exactly, unlike when you use foam tape, or cut up foam squares. You get a nice, solid, even backing for your die cuts. Genius, am I right? *wink*  Yeah – I know – I was probably late to figure that one out.  But, you can even buy fun foam sheets in different colours, to coordinate with your card. It’s usually available at the ‘big box’ craft stores, from Amazon, or even dollar stores.

Actually, reading the post from this card above (you can read it HERE) I realized that I had used the adhesive foam craft sheet purchased from a craft supplier. But those can get a bit pricey, so go with the fun foam sheets, if you can.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s throwback Thursday eclipse technique post! To find more technique posts in my blog, either type the technique name into the search area, or click on the word ‘techniques’  under the Categories header (scroll down, on the right  hand side).  However or whatever you decide to create – have fun! Thanks for spending some time with me today.



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