Trip to the Beach

If you were to take a trip to the beach today, as I’m writing this, you’d find it pretty empty, I think. We’re having an overcast, drizzly rain day today. But the forecast looks great and sunny for the rest of the week. So now is a good time for a virtual trip to the beach, with another alcohol ink painting! This is from another of the tutorials in our recent Alcohol Ink Community Spring Conference.


This tutorial was led by the very talented Vera Worthington. The reference photo was taken by her, but she gave us all permission to use it for our painting. Here is my finished painting.

Trip to the Beach

I still have lots to learn about clouds and the ocean ‘foam’, but I think it turned out pretty well!  Here’s a look at Vera’s reference photo, below.

A Trip to the Beach

You’ll notice that I didn’t add the boat into my version – I didn’t want to mess up my water with a mistake! I know – there are no mistakes, only opportunities for improvisation!


This one is pretty self explanatory, I think. I did try to pay attention to the details, such as the clumps of seaweed on the beach, and the darker underside of the clouds on the horizon.  Lots of techniques are used in this piece; pouncing, lifting, blending, flicking. It was lots of fun to paint! I’ve found a new favourite tool to use for lifting and blending ink – they’re called Fantastix. Basically they’re like a pencil shape, filled with absorbent material. You soak up isopropyl alcohol, then use them to lift off, add or blend the ink.

Here’s another look at my painting. I put a mat over it, to give an idea of how it would look framed.

Trip to the Beach


Thanks for spending some time with me, today! If you’d like to try your own virtual trip to the beach painting, I’ve listed supplies & colours I used, below. Have fun, and get creative!

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