Hello again! So nice of you to visit with me today.  I’m very excited to be working on another new project – but first I have these to share with you. On Monday, I shared my first resin sculpture in THIS POST. I promised to come back & show you the other two that I was working on, so here I am!


I love blues & greens, so I used them in this piece. I also used the technique to create a sort of peacock pattern in the resin.

The gold just sparkles, doesn’t it? I had placed the gold tinted resin around the edges, but in creating the design it got pulled further inwards. The other fun thing to note about this design is that it’s double sided!

You can enjoy the pattern from both sides of the sculpture! Also, because I placed the gold around the edges, it nicely finishes off the piece.


This next piece looks very different, even though I used basically the same techniques. The big difference is the colours; where the blues are very cool, this is a very ‘hot’ piece!

I combined light and dark gold, bronze, dun (reddish brown) and a deep teal for this piece. Again, the ‘peacock’ technique is used to create the design.  I had originally planned this piece to be used like a tray. But hey – once you own an art piece, you can use it however you want! Use it as table décor, hang it on a wall, or use it as functional art. It’s up to you!

The other difference between this piece and the blue ones, is that I didn’t do a base of clear resin. For this, I used all tinted resin. You can see the difference in the pattern much more, in the photo below, because there’s no clear resin.

This piece is definitely double sided – each side give you a distinct look.

See, you can use it as a tray – perhaps in your entry way, to place your keys when you arrive home. It’s balance with the one side and bottom touching the surface of the table.


I hope to have a 3 of my resin sculptures, plus my ‘catch of the day’ piece (shared in THIS POST) all listed in my Shop this weekend. As I mentioned, I’m getting ready for an art show & sale that is happening in early May. I’d rather have too much art ready, than not enough!

Thanks for spending some time with me today! I’d love to read any comments or feedback that you’d like to leave for me.

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I've always liked to create things, but I'm not a great artist, or sculptor, or any type of 'traditional' artist - but I love to create! I love the satisfaction of a completed project. Whether a card, painting or other project - as long as it can create a smile, evoke a feeling, or some type of reaction in the recipient. I hope you will enjoy sharing my creations, and occasional ramblings; I'd enjoy having you create with me! :)

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