Unique Birch Trees

Happy Monday, my friend! I hope that you enjoyed your weekend. I had fun trying out a new technique with alcohol inks, creating unique birch trees. The tutorial was presented by the very talented Teresa K. Brown, in the Alcohol Ink Art Society.  To access the tutorial you must be a member of the Society, so I can’t share the link with you. However, Teresa does have lots of tutorials available online at The Fine Art Café Academy, and at the Alcohol Ink Art Community.


Teresa used Nara brand paper for her substrate. I don’t have this brand, so I used my trusty Yupo.  Both Nara and Yupo are created specifically for alcohol inks, being smooth, non-porous papers. They react pretty much the same to alcohol inks, but I’ve heard that Nara brand wipes back to white more cleanly (without staining) than Yupo.  I did 2 of these paintings, with different backgrounds, and orientation.

Unique Birch Trees

This first painting, above, is done in portrait, on 6″ x 9″ Yupo. Create the background by dropping Pebble alcohol ink, and then Alcohol Ink Blending Solution, onto the paper. Next, tip the Yupo from side to side & top to bottom, to allow the ink to spread. This is fun, because you can see the different colours that make up the Pebble ink!

What makes these unique birch trees is that you create them using a palette knife! Use Snowcap ink and palette knife  to make the shape of the tree trunks. Next, apply Pitch Black ink, again with the palette knife, for the shading & marks on the tree trunks. Small branches are added with a black Micron  pen. Add texture at the top of the painting by adding Pebble ink to some crumpled up wax paper, and dabbing it onto the Yupo.


I decided to change the orientation to landscape, and create a background with Botanical ink and Blending Solution for this painting.

Unique Birch Trees

Changing the background colour really changes the feel of the painting, doesn’t it!?  The Botanical turned out brighter than I thought it would, and you can see the hints of blue coming through.  This time, I create texture by spraying alcohol onto the top portion of the painting.

I’m looking forward to trying different colours of backgrounds, and creating different scenes with the trees.  Next, I’m going to try a blue background with a snow scene, because I’m still doing ‘winter’!


To try this technique yourself, I’ve listed supplies for you if you need some. It’s lots of fun, not quite as easy as it looks, but it’s addictive! Have lots of fun creating.

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