Update on Delightful Daisy Bundle

Hello stamping friends! I’m here to give you a quick update on the Delightful Daisy Bundle.  I know a lot of you have wanted to order it, only to find that it’s unavailable – again.  Here’s what Stampin’ Up! has to say:

The Daisy Punch is on backorder again. Extraordinarily, the demand for this punch has not died down at all; in fact, this is our highest selling punch in the last five years.

The next order of punches will arrive approximately August 1, 2017. Because of the very high cost of taking backorders and the amount of time until the next order arrives, we will be making the Daisy Punch (and all associated bundles) unorderable beginning Friday, July 7.

Update on Daisy Delight Bundle

Why Is a Backorder an Extra Cost?

When an item is on backorder, Stampin’ Up! doesn’t want you to wait until your entire order is available before it’s shipped.  So the available items are shipped, and then when the backordered item comes in, it’s shipped separately – at Stampin’ Up!’s cost (because  you’ve already paid once for the shipping).

When Can I Order

It’s expected that on August 1st the new shipment of Daisy Punches will arrive.  At that time, backorders will be filled, and the Item # will be ‘turned back on’ again, for you to order.  If you would like me to remind you of when to order, just drop me an email at debsmart@shaw.ca  Or you can preorder it with me now, and I’ll process your payment and order on August 1st.

Bonus Days

Update on Delightful Daisy Bundle

In the meantime, you can still order the other items on your wish list – AND EARN COUPONS!  For every $60 order (pre tax/shipping) you’ll automatically earn a $6 Coupon that you can redeem during August! (just in time for that Daisy Punch 🙂 )


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