Got Your Eastern Palace Bundle Yet?

Hi stamping friend!  I’m back today to talk some more about the Eastern Palace Suite Bundles that you can order now.  Specifically, I want to show you the very versatile Eastern Medallion Thinlits Dies are!  Right now, the thinlits are only available if you purchase the Eastern Palace Premier Bundle – they are not included in the Starter Bundle.

Eastern Palace Premier Bundle

In case  you missed my previous post, here is a picture of everything you receive in the Premier Bundle.

Very Versatile Eastern Medallion Thinlits Dies

The Thinlits Dies

First of all, you get an incredible 14 thinlits in this set!  The above picture does not show all of the thinlits, obviously.  Not to worry – here’s a picture of all of the thinlits.  I’ve removed them off of the cardboard they are attached to; it’s double sided.  I’ve placed them how they look when they arrive; nested together.  You can see how they can work together, in the configuration that they are shown.

Very Versatile Eastern Medallion Thinlits Dies

In this next picture, I’ve separated the thinlits, so you can see all 14 of them.

Very Versatile Eastern Medallion Thinlits Dies

Using the Thinlits Dies

Obviously, you can use each thinlit die individually, but the real magic is when you start to combine them!  I highly recommend playing with these, and see all of the amazing combinations you make.  To start, die cut each one individually, so you can see the basic shape.  Then, use them as they come out of the package, in the 1st picture shown.  Finally, start experimenting!

The Versatility

What I want to share with you is the die cuts I made by first using them as they came nested, then by mixing and matching.  I didn’t do the single cuts; I figured that was so simple you didn’t need me to do that for you.  Here are the combinations I made.

Very Versatile Eastern Medallion Thinlits Dies

I was able to come up with 15 combinations – and I’m sure I probably missed some others!  Not only that, but these are just the thinlits dies; once the stamping is added, you get another whole new look!

Best Way To Buy The Premier Bundle

I’m sharing this best way to buy tip with you, because I care about you!  I know that I need my money to go as far as it can, and I’m sure  you appreciate a good buy as well.  So here’s my tip: the best way to buy the Eastern Palace Premier Bundle – is to Join My Team!

Yes – I’m serious!  Let’s crunch the numbers, okay?  Here in Canada, the Eastern Palace Premier Bundle is $134.75, plus tax and shipping.  To Join My Team costs $135 – but you GET $165 in products!!  See where I’m going here?!

You can join my team, get the Premier Bundle, PLUS and extra $30.25  in FREE PRODUCTS – all for $135 plus tax.  And FREE SHIPPING! 🙂  

Of course, if you don’t want to get the Premier Bundle, you don’t have to.  You get to choose ANY PRODUCTS you want for your Starter Kit – INCLUDING FROM THE NEW CATALOGUE PRE-ORDER LIST! – all for $135 plus tax.   And there’s no obligation to continue as a demonstrator (although you’re probably going to want to keep purchasing, at least for a while, at a minimum discount of 20% off retail price!).


To join my team, and get the best possible deal – CLICK HERE!  If you’d rather just order the Premier Bundle, which includes the thinlits, or the Starter Bundle,  click on my signature below.  Either way, I hope I’ve helped you to decide which action, or bundle, suits you best.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email at, and I’ll get right back to  you. 🙂


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