Watercolour Bunny

I often find myself using a derivative, or juvenile version of an animal name, if I think it’s cute. You know, like you see a rabbit, but call it a bunny. Every dog is a puppy (to me) because they almost always have that playfulness that you see when they’re young. That’s why I’ve titled today’s post watercolour bunny, instead of watercolour rabbit! With his cute lopsided ears, he’s a bunny to me.


When I won this tutorial last year through a draw in our Brusho Fun Facebook group, I was thrilled. Then I was scared! I was so intimidated to try this painting, that it’s taken me almost a year to try. Now, I wish I hadn’t waited!

Watercolour Bunny

Well, how did I do? I think that he turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself!


This course is available for purchase at The Fine Art Café Academy, and is taught by the very talented Sally Taylor.  I found that her step-by-step approach was very helpful in overcoming my lack of confidence.  Do you know that there are only 3 colours used in this painting? That’s right – only Grey, Black and Leaf Green. The 4th colour, the brownish tone, comes out when you apply bleach to ‘lift’ the black paint!  Masking fluid is also used, for the bunny’s whiskers.

For the painting, I used my Legion Stonehenge 7″ x 10″ pad of 140 lb. coldpress paper. This painting was done using the 3 Brusho Crystal Colours noted above.


I do highly recommend the courses on The Fine Art Café Academy, if you’re interested in Brusho or watercolour painting. Most of the tutorials (there are lots of free ones, too!) use Brusho, but you can easily substitute your regular watercolour paints.  There are a variety of instructors, so you learn lots of different styles and techniques.  To view the course catalogue, just create a FREE account for yourself, and have fun!

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I've always liked to create things, but I'm not a great artist, or sculptor, or any type of 'traditional' artist - but I love to create! I love the satisfaction of a completed project. Whether a card, painting or other project - as long as it can create a smile, evoke a feeling, or some type of reaction in the recipient. I hope you will enjoy sharing my creations, and occasional ramblings; I'd enjoy having you create with me! :)

2 thoughts on “Watercolour Bunny

  1. what an adorable bunny! (And, you’re right – calling it a rabbit takes away a lot of the cute.) I love all the detail you have. Amelia will love this!

    1. Aww, thanks Buffy! I’m glad that you like my watercolour bunny, and I hope that Amelia will, too 🙂

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