Watercolour Poppy

I’m so happy with how this new painting turned out! I’m taking some more classes with Sandy Sandy HERE. She has a new series of poppy art, done on watercolour paper and Yupo. This watercolour poppy is done on watercolour paper, with Daniel Smith paints.


When I was about a third of the way into painting, I was ready to chuck this in the bin! But I kept with it, and this is the final product.

Watercolour Poppy

I’m also pretty proud of myself for sketching the reference flower myself! After painting, I then went over the image with a black Sharpie pen for the outline.


Sandy has a great way of showing how to do a sketch, using a grid form. By drawing out the flower using the grid, it helps (me) to keep the shape & size correct. I would share the original reference image, but it’s part of the materials from the paid class.  But if you check out Sandy’s Poppy classes HERE, you can watch a free video on how she paints this poppy.

I sketched out the flower onto Arches 140 lb. coldpress paper. Next, I chose my Daniel Smith paint colours. I decided to go with a red/orange/yellow palette for my flower. The colours I chose are Pyrrol Scarlet, Pyrrol Crimson, Hansa Yellow, Cascade Green, Green Apatite, and then I mixed Quinacridone Rose with Black, for the very center. There are a LOT of layers of paint on this image! As I said earlier, when I was about 1/3rd of the way through, I thought I was going to scrap it and start over. Then I decided that I should push on, and work on layering the colours. I’m really glad that I did!

Once the image was dry, I added a background wash of Cerulean Blue. Finally I sketched the outline (by then, the pencil sketching was almost completely hidden) with black Sharpie. The very last step was to add the white highlights with a gel pen.

Watercolour Poppy

For the photo above, I laid a white mat over top. If I do frame this, I think I’d go with a black mat. I don’t have one in the right size, right now.


Seriously, I never thought I’d be able to do a painting like this! I’m really excited for the next class I signed up for, happening this Sunday. Next, we’ll be doing a poppy ‘super bloom’ (multiple flowers) in watercolour on Yupo paper! It’s not too late to sign up for this, or other classes coming up. I  highly recommend Sandy’s classes for her loose style of painting, and easy going instruction.  If you’re wondering – no, I don’t get an affiliate percentage for sharing her classes – I just like them this much!

I’ve provided links for products I’ve used for my watercolour poppy painting. I do get an affiliate percentage, when you purchase with my links.  Happy shopping, and above all – creating!

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4 thoughts on “Watercolour Poppy

  1. Hola, Deb! Wow, girl, you are awesome! What a fabulous , fabulous painting! I love it! Just gorgeous! I am so glad that you didn’t give up on your painting although, between me and you, I do the same. haha Great job, Deb!

    1. Yes, we just have to keep going through the ‘ugly duckling’ phase with our work, Mari! I’m glad that you like the final result 🙂

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