Happy Friday, my friend! We’ve made it through another week; I hope that yours has been good.  I spent some time with my Brusho Crystal Colours for the last couple of days. So I have a watercolour squirrel, and macaws to share with you. All painted, on paper! (though there are a lot of real squirrels that visit my back deck & yard daily!).


I’m going to file this one under ‘I tried’! I just love squirrels, and think that they’re so cute. So I was hoping that my painting would turn out better than it did. Let’s just say that I need more practice painting animals!

Watercolour Squirrel and Macaws

Each week in the Brusho Fun Facebook Group, one of the Admin. post a photo taken from a royalty free site, like Pixabay or Unsplash. The challenge is for everyone to try painting it. Since it was a cute squirrel, I tried!


For both the squirrel and macaw paintings, I use the wet-in-wet technique. For this, you wet an area with clean water, and then drop in the colour, allowing it to spread. I do this with the base coat, and then go back and fill in more precisely after, while the underpainting is still wet.  I tried out a new brush that I just bought, called a Filbert Granier. It’s got a neat shaped, specifically for painting fur or textures. Here’s what it looks like

I need more practice with it, too, but it was fun trying it out!


These birds are amazing in their colour! This is this week’s #brushbuddies challenge photo – 3 Macaws, sitting on a log.

Watercolour Squirrel and Macaws

I loved the photo, so thought I’d give it a try. I think it came out better than the squirrel – I’m happy with it, anyway.  This is the reference photo, below.

Watercolour Squirrel and Macaws

The part I’m worried about is the background – how should I finish it off? Leave it white, splatter some colours, or try to paint in a background? Of course, my fear is I’ll ruin it! What do you think I should do? Let me know, by leaving a comment, please!

If you like to watercolour with Brusho Crystal Colours, and have a Facebook account, you should join our Brusho Fun group! There’s an amazing group of artists, and everyone is wonderful about sharing their work, and knowledge.  In the meantime, I hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing my Brusho watercolour squirrel and macaws.

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  1. I think your squirrel looks fine. I love the texture in his/her fur. My parents have lots of playful squirrels in the woods behind their house; this one would fit right in!

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