Wild Auction 2020 Starts Today!

It’s an exciting Monday, my friend! Pacific Wild’s Wild Auction 2020 starts today, Nov. 9th and goes until November 12th.  Over 100 artists from around the world have come together to donate art works to this annual event.

Wild Auction Starts Today!


This year there is a whole range of pieces and styles from which you can choose. There are art pieces in watercolour, acrylic, alcohol ink and more. Sculptures, jewellery and home décor pieces are offered, as well!  Each artist has pledged a significant portion (or the entirety) of the proceeds to Pacific Wild. When you win your bid, you are helping to fund campaigns to Save the Great Bear Rain Forest, Save B.C. Wolves, Make Salmon Count, and protect B.C. Herring.  To see the campaigns and their focus, click here to go to PACIFIC WILD.


This is an online auction, and you do NOT have to be on social media to bid! You can view all of the amazing works of art HERE on the dedicated auction site.

Wild Auction 2020 Starts Today!

To learn more about the individual artists, go to @friendsofpacificwild on Instagram. There you’ll find featured art pieces, information on the artists, and more.  If you’d like to support Pacific Wild, but bidding on an art piece in the auction isn’t in your budget, have a look at the apparel and books available to purchase in the Pacific Wild STORE.  You can also simply make a donation, on the auction site.


As both a supporting artist of the Wild Auction 2020 and person concerned with conservation, thank you for your support! You can see my donated piece HERE on the auction site, or just scroll down.  Remember to get your bids in by November 12th!  Enjoy the beautiful artwork donated for the Wild Auction 2020.

Wild Auction 2020 Starts Today!

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