Work in Progress with Alcohol Inks

Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend. I had such fun over the weekend, playing with my alcohol inks! Today I have a work in progress with alcohol inks to share with you. But first, let give you a bit more information. As part of the Scrap ‘N Stamp Design Team, each month I receive either a gift certificate to spend in the store, or a box of new products to play with. Well – guess who got a box of goodies?! Yippee!! Along with some stamp sets, watercolour paper and other goodies, I received 2 trio packs of Alcohol Pearl Inks. I’m thrilled, because I didn’t have any Pearl inks in my collection before this. They’ve been on my ‘wish list’, but hand’t risen to the top yet. There’s always so many new goodies on my list!


Yes, I said plastic wrap – the kind you find in your kitchen drawer! I’ve been wanting to learn more ways to use my alcohol inks, so I’ve been doing a lot of reading online, and watching a lot of YouTube videos. I came across this technique using plastic wrap and thought – this, I can do!


This is so simple, even I did it without any problems! First, cut 2 panels of Yupo. If you haven’t read my previous posts on using alcohol inks, Yupo is a wonderful substrate for using with alcohol inks. It’s not a paper, it’s actually a synthetic blend, which is non-porous. This is perfect for allowing the inks to move & flow across the panel. I had 2 pieces left over from something else, so I used those. Since this was an experiment, I didn’t worry too much about the exact size.

Drop your alcohol & alcohol pearl inks onto the Yupo, and move them about either by tilting the panel,or blowing it with air. If it’s not moving or mixing enough, add some Alcohol Blending Solution, or use a 90% Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. I did note a difference with the Pearl alcohol inks; they don’t move as much or as quickly as the regular alcohol inks. Keep that in mind, as you’re adding & mixing them.

Once you’re happy with the colours, take a slightly crumpled piece  of plastic wrap, and place it over the panel. Make sure that it makes contact with the ink. Now comes the hard part – LEAVE IT TO DRY FOR 24 HOURS! Yes –  you have to make sure it’s completely dry, before removing the plastic wrap, or else you loose the effect.


Below, I have a photo of the 2 panels that I created. The one on the left still has the plastic wrap on it. On the right, the wrap has been removed.

Work in Progress with Alcohol Inks

How cool is this?! You can clearly see the lines where the plastic wrap was. It has separated the ink, leaving raised looking portions that look like tiles. The photo below shows the plastic wrap removed from both panels.

Work in Progress with Alcohol Inks

Both panels had regular and Pearl alcohol inks added and blended with the blending solution. The plastic wrap was added, and then left for 24 hours to dry. I think this mosaic effect is pretty cool!


This panel was created by adding drops of Patina alcohol ink (green), Limeade (bright green), Enchanted Pearl (pink) and a touch of Sailboat Blue alcohol ink, with blending solution.

Work in Progress

It’s hard to capture with the camera, but if  you look at the largest shape in the top right, you can see the sheen of the pearl in the pink area, towards the middle.  In person, it’s quite pretty!


For this panel, Amethyst (purple) alcohol ink, Envy (dark green) Pearl ink, Villainous (dark purple) alcohol ink and Silver Mixative.

Alcohol inks

Mixatives, which come in metallic and white, do not act at all like the alcohol inks. Rather, they sit on top, and need to be need to be blown into or mixed with the inks.


So – the title is ‘work in progress with alcohol inks’. The question is – how should I finish working with these panels?! Should I add a stamped and die cut image on top? Or just a die cut sentiment? Seriously – I am asking for your input – I had fun creating them but I’m not sure what to do now. Leave a comment on this post as to what you think I should do! I’ll read all the comments, and in a couple of days, I’ll come back with some finished projects, using these panels, and your suggestions.


I did more than just these 2 panels over the weekend! I played some more with the alcohol and Pearl inks, and have 2 finished projects to share with you! I’ll have those in tomorrow’s post, so be sure to come back. In the meantime, if you’d like to add some of these fabulous inks to your craft stash, I’ve included some links below, for online shopping. They’re available pretty much everywhere craft supplies are sold!

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